Room Review: Robbery in the Cottage @ Escape Hunt Sydney


Where: Level 4, 393 George Street, Sydney



How Much?: $36-$44 p.p depending on group size

How Many?: Billed as suitable for 2-5 people.

Difficulty: House rates it beginner which I’d agree with.

First-Timer Friendly?: Yes

Kid Friendly?: Yes, and plenty of nice little props for the kids to play with in this room!

How we did: Completed February 2019. Team of 2. Escaped!

Required: Fluent English, basic maths.



The entire gold coin stash of The Rock’s largest workers’ cottage has been stolen! As world famous detectives, use your keen eye, logic and quick thinking as a team to solve the mystery in an hour before the thief disappears forever!


The Experience: 

Having done my first room at Escape Hunt Sydney (Secret Service Mission) a few months ago and finding it a little lacklustre, Groupon in hand, I decided to return to attempt Robbery in the Cottage and The Bank of Australia Heist, back to back. With Meema in tow, we headed to George St and took a lift ride to the 4th floor to Escape Hunt Sydney, ready for our next ‘escape’.

Once again, we had the leisure of visiting Escape Hunt Sydney on a mid-week morning and, far from the bustling crowds which other reviews have been reported on weekends, had the place to ourselves! After being greeted by our gamesmaster, we took a seat on one of the many chesterfields that fill the large, now-familiar waiting room and drank in the atmosphere of brick wallpaper and dim lighting while we filled in our disclaimer and awaited our instructions.

Unlike Secret Service Mission, there was no fancy video this time. Instead, we received a written mission brief that advised us we needed to discover the culprit of the robbery in a cottage in The Rocks. We locked our valuables up in a wooden crate and off we went to the room!


Inside the Room:

The rooms were nicely furnished and fitted well with the historical theme of The Rocks. Robbery in the Cottage is not a high-tech room – instead it contained lots of combination locks, and puzzles with physical pieces which need to be combined with other components of the room. Low tech actually suits us well as Meema and I tend to enjoy these rooms best – our experience is that sometimes the ‘high-tech’ mechanisms add too much difficulty.

The room was looking a little worn in places, but nothing that lessened our enjoyment of the game. The puzzles were logical and somewhat linear, with some elements of search-and-find, and lots of items that need to be combined together. Children, I think, would really enjoy this room as there are several puzzles where they’d really be able to help. Good English is essential for this room with quite a lot of reading as you get closer to discovering the identity of the thief.

Experienced escapers will not see anything new, but I must say I enjoyed it in spite (or perhaps because) of this – I found this room relaxing, familiar and rarely frustrating, but still with a few challenges thrown in. Even without a major wow factor, it was everything a basic escape room should be and a pleasant way to spend 40 minutes!

We immediately followed this room with another Escape Hunt Sydney room, The Bank of Australia Heist (which you can read about here).


Location / Outside the Room

For city-based organisations looking for walk-in team-building activities, you can’t beat the location of Escape Hunt Sydney situated on George St directly opposite Dymocks in the heart of the CBD. They have purposely mirrored 2 of their 4 rooms so that larger groups of up to 12 can split into two teams and go head-to-head, which is, of course, another draw for the corporates.

They have bathroom facilities and offer tea, coffee and water which was nice for debrief at the end of the game. The games master we had on the day was competent and friendly. There’s even a large space where you can grab a Sherlock Holmes cape, hat and pipe, and take silly / serious selfies. These guys know how to market.

Overall Verdict

Sydney Escape Hunt is geared towards the corporate and first-timer market. If you have a Groupon or a two-for-one, by all means, use it. Bring a newbie along and introduce them to escape rooms. Escape Hunt Sydney also offers the ‘escape challenge’, giving you a discount of up to 20% off full price when you come back to do more rooms. If you’re booking for a large corporate group and planning to come after a long lunch for a bit of team-building, rest assured they’ve built these rooms with you in mind. For experienced players though, I’d suggest you could spend your money on one of the more boutique Sydney outfits.



We were sad to hear this room has now closed and been replaced by a brand new room, The Young Wizard’s Quest.

If you’d like to read more about Escape Hunt Sydney, you can check out my review of The Bank of Australia Heist or  Secret Service Mission.

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