I’m Helen. Since I can remember, I’ve always loved puzzles. Jigsaws, choose-your-own-adventure novels, riddles, sudoku – I am enamoured and delighted by puzzles of all types. My earliest computer games were Myst, King’s Quest, Loom  – and although I didn’t always solve every problem, I never tired of the joy of the ah-ha! moment when the answer to a difficult puzzle became suddenly obvious.

From my first live room escape years ago, I knew I was addicted. I’ve created Open the Locked Door as a love project so that I can recall the best rooms I’ve visited and share my experiences with you. (Also, my friends and family are sick of hearing me talk about how much fun escape rooms are!) Rooms have all been paid for and played by me and various friends/teammates unless otherwise stated.


Helen (me) 

  • Fantasy writer and bibliophile
  • Loves words, riddles and word puzzles
  • Pattern-finder


  • Wordsmith
  • Deep-thinker
  • The one who doesn’t budge until that puzzle is solved!


  • Mathematically minded
  • Detail-oriented and practical
  • The bloke you need to find the hidden stuff

Flowerchild (1 and 2) 

  • Our kids. Sometimes they come with us. They’re experts at holding torches and combination locks.

We currently live in Sydney, Australia Zagreb, Croatia Sydney, Australia.  

You can find a list of games we’ve played (and want to play!)

If you’re a venue owner and you’d like us to play and review your rooms, I’d love to hear from you

If you’ve got a great room or venue you’d recommend, I’d love to hear from you.

If you’re a room enthusiast looking for someone to room escape with in Sydney, I’d love to hear from you.

I’m contactable by email: highfantasyaddict[at]gmail[dot]com

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